Procurement of Milk

  • Provision to define contracts with milk suppliers.
  • Daily shift wise entry of milk procured from farmers/suppliers.
  • Quality check based on FAT/SNF parameters.
  • Dynamic provision to calculate milk rates based on Quality & Quantity.
  • Ability to generate purchase invoice automatically based on defined frequency.
  • Ability to generate milk cost sheet, provisional landed cost sheet etc.
  • Provision to track tanker / chilling centers loss & gain.

Production Process

  • Multi level recipe for milk products (FG) – standard milk, butter, ghee etc.
  • Issue of milk for processing to production plant based on desired FG.
  • Quality control at the stage of issue for production.
  • Tracking of processed milk stock in production tanks/ WIP.
  • Mixing of SMP/Butter for daily FAT matching.
  • Ability to define standard FAT/SNF for milk products respectively.
  • Receipt of milk products (FG) after production.
  • Packing of milk products as per defined standards.

City Supply and Distribution

  • User friendly provision for processing daily city supply orders.
  • Provision to replicate the orders from previous day same shift orders.
  • Provision to manage multiple routes for delivery vehicles.
  • Automatic debit notes to sales agencies against daily returns.
  • Re-conciliation of returned open packets.
  • Re-conciliation of milk Trays/Crates.
  • Tracking and handling of broken Trays/Crates.

Customised Reports

  • Tanker loss & gain report.
  • Procurement cost sheet.
  • Provisional landed cost sheet.
  • Production Balance Sheet (Daily Production Input/Output statement with recovery %).
  • Production costing for finished/semi-finished goods.
  • Plant capacity utilization report.
  • Performance report