Sahaj Businessmate to run Eductaion as a passion and manage it as a business

Sahaj has automated the processes & offers to integrate the entire business with un – matched ease. It facilitates the flow of information between all business functions inside the organization and manages the connections to all external stake holders. It is specifically built for medium & small enterprises.

Module Name :

  • Material Management
  • Purchase & Costing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • AMC/Warranty Management
  • Billing and Receipts
  • Finance Module
  • Corporate Accounting

Material Management, Purchase & Costing

  • Product and Spares Master.
  • Multiple Storage Location.
  • Purchase Order and Its Tracking.
  • Acknowledgement of Purchase Order.
  • Store Receipt Vouchers (SRV).
  • Rejection and Material Tracking.
  • Store Acknowledgement Note.
  • Costing
  • Stock Transfer within Internal Locations
  • Tracking of Minimum, Maximum and Re – Order Level.

Supply Chain Management

  • Domestic Sales Order
  • International Sales Order
  • Material Request Notes (for Demo, Returnable, Standby etc)
  • Delivery Challan (Non - Returnable)
  • Delivery Challan (Returnable)
  • Tracking of Returnable Challan
  • Tracking of Stand by / Engineer’s Imprest Stock
  • Track over Pending Request
  • Tracking of Pending Order Status
  • Engineer Wise Stock Tracking

AMC Proposal / Renewal Management

  • Generation of Installation Certificate.
  • Generation of AMC/CMC Contracts.
  • Approval of AMC/CMC Contracts.
  • Scheduling the Preventive Maintenance (PM) Visits.
  • Track Over PM Visits.
  • Auto Request Generation for Invoices.
  • Tracking of Renewal of Contracts.
  • Billing and Receipts Management

    • Generation of Sales Invoices
    • Generation of Receipts
    • Generation of AMC Invoices
    • Credit Note in case of rate difference.
    • Calculation of Dealer Commission
    • Outstanding Ageing

    Integration with Finance Module

    Transfer of Billing, Receipts, AMC Billing , Purchase, Credit Note , Dealers Commission Voucher to Finance Module